Does the message fit the brand?

Brand Fit Testing.

With implicit measurement procedures, implicit diagnostics & solutions follows the path to the consumers hidden associations. Methods based on reaction time demonstrate the effect of marketing strategies on the subconsciousness.

Participants can be surveyed via online panel, in a studio, or even directly at the point of sale, national or international, no matter which channels of communication you choose to follow the tracks left by your advertising messages. We test TV and radio spots, print and outdoor ads, as well as, websites and packaging.

Brand Fit Testing determines the kind of impact a particular marketing strategy has on the implicit image of a brand. This is done by having the respondent rate the brand analogously to implicit brand analysis. After showing a commercial or new package design, we measure the spontaneous reactions of the respondent once again. By comparing the data of the pre and post-test, we can determine whether the advertisement medium has the desired effect on the brand or not.