On the radar: the autopilot.

Neuropsychological fundamentals.

The measurement method used by implicit diagnostics & solutions is based on the findings of Social Cognitive Neuroscience. The assumption is that two entirely different systems are at play in the human brain for processing information and controlling behavior: One works consciously and deliberately (pilot). The other is automatic and implicit (autopilot). The implicit system works extremely quick, paralleland with an enormous capacity. Furthermore, reoccurring patterns are stored in the subconsciousness. This is how implicit brand images occur. 


With about 3000 encounters with advertisements per day, product offers which hardly differ from one another, as well as the pressure faced to make quick decisions every day, the implicit system is the only one that can work unhindered. It is estimated that up to 95% of a person's behaviour is controlled implicitly.

The methods based on reaction time are established on the fact that the implicit system works faster than the explicit one. The detour across time becomes the shortcut to the subconsciousness.