Time works for us.

The measurement of reaction time.

implicit diagnostics & solutions does not directly ask the respondents for their brand preferences. Instead we observe their reactions during associative exercises and measure the time needed to make them. Only the reactions made within a predetermined time frame are considered for analysis. This ensures that the replies are neither made consciously (maximum time) nor randomly by "clicking through" (minimum time). In this manner, the spontaneous reactions are determined under experimental conditions.  

Because the contents of the implicit system can be quantitatively represented with reaction time measurements, the subconsciousness itself becomes measurable. An advantage is that these surveys can also be conducted online. In this way, we can obtain access to a large number of participants even for studies on an international level.

The accuracy of reaction time measurements are guaranteed by the software developed by implicit diagnostics & solutions for this specific purpose. Within the framework of an online survey,it works with a precision of under 30 milliseconds on standard computers. To make a real-life comparison, it takes 100 milliseconds for an eye to blink.