Insight over the entire range.

With implicit market research for comprehensive consumer insights.

Not until a few years ago, neurologists were able to create an image of what had been anchored into to the theory of psychology for a long time: Human behaviour is mostly controlled implicitly. Since the founding of the company, implicit diagnostics & solutions, in 2007, Sven Heinsen, Dirk Held and Dr. Christian Scheier have made it their duty to make the influence of the implicit system on consumer behaviour conceivable. They translate current (neuro)psychological research into practical testing paradigms while specializing in the collection of implicit data based on reaction time measurements.

For a comprehensive look into consumer behavior, you need a combination of explicit and implicit market research methods. With the tools developed at implicit diagnostics & solutions for collecting implicit data, it is easy to combine these two methods efficiently. Explicit and implicit material compliment each other and provide an exhaustive insight about the effects of your marketing strategies.