The shortcut to the subconsciousness.

Reaction time measurement as an implicit-quantitative surveying method.

Automatic processes comprise a substantial portion of our subconsciousness. Once we have learned how to swim or ride a bicycle, we no longer need to think of each individual movement in order to carry out the process. These spontaneous actions even play a central role in our purchase decisions. The autopilot lessens the burden on the mind and retrieves everything we ever took in about a brand, consciously or unconsciously. Revealing the implicit effect of commercial communication is difficult by only interviewing people directly.  

Dauer der impliziten Reaktionszeit

implicit diagnostics & solutions makes use of findings obtained from neuropsychological research gaining access to the autopilot. Methods based on reaction time are utilized in order to render subconscious brand associations into measurable numeric values. This provides the base for the products implicit has to offer such as implicit brand analysis, brand fit testing, and tracking.