Locate and control.

Brands send signals, all of the time. Decipher and control the rewarding content brands have to offer.

We are in good hands with brands. They give us direction in an ocean of products that hardly differ from one another. Our decisions on a particular brand are made primarily by our autopilot. Our actions are automatic and unreflected. From the depths of our memory, the autopilot retrieves everything we ever took in about a brand, consciously or unconsciously. The autopilot breaks down the endless amount of information into the question of whether a brand is perceived as rewarding or not.

implicit diagnostics & solutions gains access to the autopilot with methods based on reaction time thereby uncovering the hidden brand associations consumers have. Implicit offers the following solutions for optimal management of your brand communication:

With implicit Brand Analysis, you will have a starting coordinate at hand. Based on this information, you can decide in which direction you would like to develop your brand profile. With Brand Fit Testing, you will be able to see if your marketing strategies are leading your brand down the right course. Tracking will allow you to pursue the implicit effect of your brand communication over a longer period of time.